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rl harris bbq RL Harris BBQ 

The best kept secret in Ellis County!

Every once in a while I will drop by a roadside BBQ place and to my surprise discover, Yes! There are still people who actually know how to cook real Texas BBQ! Mr. Harris does it right! In the old Texas way! In a real smoker using real wood and not a commercial oven! This is a small restaurant, and I love finding places like this as the food, more often than not, is great. This is due in part to the fact the owners have such a passion for the food they are serving.

The Ribs

I am normally a pork rib lover, but this day I partook of some beef ribs and I have to say, his beef ribs were every bit as good as pork ribs! Its hard to believe, but he may have converted me!

The Brisket

The brisket was very tender, not overly cooked, seasoned just right and was absolutely delicious. Sometimes I have gotten a hold of brisket that was dry and tasted just like a roast instead of BBQ. But not this Parder! Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

The Sides

Potato Salad is available and was also very good. He does beans a little different from what I am used to in by adding a little chopped beef in. They were good but as much as I like chopped beef, he could have left that out.


RL Harris BBQ 

Sardis, Texas

Phone: 469-548-4833






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