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Branded BurgerBranded Burger

Review - July 2013 - My companion and I visited Branded Burger and noticed they had expanded their dining room by taking in the adjoining building and have done a very nice job on the decorating. We both had the Plain Jane Burger with onion rings instead of fries. Service was friendly but a bit slow but the wait is worth it. This is probably the best hamburger I have had anywhere! The onions rings also were very very good and appeared to be handmade and hand dipped in a nice batter. This will probably be our destination of choice from now when ever we feel the need for a good old hamburger.

Update - January 29 2014

Not sure what happened here but the good onions have disappeared! The ones I received looked like they went back to the commercial pe-cut, pre-batter junk onion rings. And to top it off, they were over cooked, almost burnt! It is beyond me why a restaurant, when it has an item that sets it apart, stops serving it. One of the biggest problems I see with restaurants is, many are just not consistent, start taking short cuts and boom they are out of business.

The Hamburger was pretty good but I would like to have THE OLD FASHION HAND DIPPED ONIONS RINGS BACK! Please.

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