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Leon's Real Fine BBQ Waxahachie, TxClosed

You would think that, with the multitude of barbeque joints in Ellis County, there would be many standouts, but, sadly, there

are not.  I had heard that Leon's BBQ, new to downtown Waxahachie, was worth a visit.  I heard that the restaurant  had such a good response that they served until they ran out of BBQ, which happened often and early on an evening. Perhaps this was the holy grail of BBQ I had searched for.  And it is.

  Located at the corner of West Monroe and Franklin, just west of the square in downtown Waxahachie, Leon's BBQ has already received an award for best reuse of a historic building.  My appetite was whetted by the faint wood smoke and meat aroma when we opened our car door.  Open at 11:00 am until the meat runs out, they are open Thursday through Sunday. I was advised the best time to go was for lunch, since I could be assured they would still have plenty of meat.  I have a set of criteria for judging a good BBQ restaurant - barbeque flavor of meat, sauce not too hot or wishy-washy, great sides; everything after that is a plus.

Be prepared for the line to order at the register.  It moves quickly, especially if you can chitchat with someone next to you in line.  My companion and I ordered a rack of six pork ribs and sliced beef brisket, along with sides of potato salad, cole slaw, and beans.  The prices are reasonable and the servings are generous.  Very quickly our order was delivered to our table.  The brisket was fork-tender, the ribs were meaty and tender and the sauce was perfect.  But, oh my goodness, the sides held their own.  The potato salad was rich and creamy, the cole slaw was apparently done by a southern cook who knows good cole slaw, and the pinto beans were outstanding.  I believe the pintos could stand on their own with a couple of slices of white bread and some sliced onions.  The beans had great seasoning with a touch of fresh cilantro added.  The atmosphere is old-timey with oldtime country music playing, service is efficient, and the people  are friendly.  There is additional seating on a patio out front.  Check out this restaurant for some of the best barbeque north of the Texas hill country.  You will not be disappointed.

Leon's Bar-B- Que Leon's Real Fine BBQ Waxahachie, Tx
107 So Monroe
Waxahachie, Texas


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