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Texas Best Smokehouse

Midlothian, Texas

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Not sure why some folks did not like the food but we did. Like most restaurants it can be hit and miss sometimes. I have driven by the two Texas Best Restaurants (Italy and Midlothian) many times, but never stopped and tried their food - the BBQ. As a citizen of Midlothian, I feel like we are in desperate need of a really good local BBQ restaurant.

On driving by, I decided stop and try the one on Hwy 287 and Plainview in Midlothian. I zoomed in and ordered two chopped beef sandwiches and went home. My wife, who is a food writer and editor, really liked the BBQ from Texas Best and so did I! The BBQ was moist, tender, very flavorful and had that great woodsmoke taste. And was not drenched in BBQ sauce. We have not tried any of their other meats and sides but plan to. If you are a BBQ Junkie, this would be a great place to go to enjoy a really good BBQ sandwich.

BBQ Report Update July 2014

BBQ is still great! Their food seems to be consistent which is very good. Ordered two sandwich plates with sides and they were delicious. Most all the sides we have tried so far have been good. Their Banana Pudding is out-of-this-world  GOOD!


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