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Odom's Barbecue
317 N Elm St.
Waxahachie, Texas

We think this business has closed it's doors.

Situated on what was once Larry Burn's Car Lot, Odom’s BBQ, in Waxahachie, is one of those great, on the side of the road,  barbeque joints that just happens to serve some pretty good BBQ. I happen to stopped by to order three brisket plates with beans and potatoes salad and one rib plate with same.  Just in front of the order window there several padded stools to sit on and wait for your order or eat your BBQ which is really nice. There is also five or six picnic table setup off to the side which were very nice, most under shade.

The togo order was ready in good time and I left. We were going to have dinner with some friends and I was in charge of hunting and gathering for this meal.  The brisket was tender and very tasty and the sauce was done very well. You could tell that some effort had been put into the sauce as it was not a  commercial product.

The Ribs were also very good and meaty, a little smaller than I am used but they were good. The beans tasted a lot like Ranch Style out of the can, but I like the Ranch Style beans. The Potatoes Salad was more like whipped potatoes than the potatoe salad I am used, but was good.

 All-in-all, the meal was delicious and the price was reasonable. This is a great place to simply drop by and get a good sliced beef or chopped sandwich during the day. Its fast, good food and a comforable setting. 



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