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Scott Pruitt is paranoid, preposterous, and absolutely out of control

The EPA doesn’t have the task of promoting oil and gas. It doesn’t have the task of promoting anything outside the U.S. And yet, Scott Pruitt and his team of personal guards just got back from sampling the couscous at an extended Moroccan vacation.

The purpose of the trip sparked questions from environmental groups, Democratic lawmakers and some industry experts, who noted that EPA plays no formal role in overseeing natural gas exports. Such activities are overseen primarily by the Energy Department and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

Pruitt took along seven aides and an undisclosed number of staff from his protective detail. The group included four political aides, including Samantha Dravis, associate administrator of the Office of Policy, and senior advisers Sarah Greenwalt and Lincoln Ferguson, as well as one career official, Jane Nishida, principal deputy assistant administrator of the Office of International and Tribal Affairs.

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