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Ellis County & District Attorney’s Office  

Drakas Lamont Bailey, a 33 year old man from Bardwell, Texas, was found guilty of Aggravated Robbery by an Ellis County Jury on March 23, 2012, in the 40th District Court of Ellis County.  After hearing evidence on punishment, including Bailey’s criminal history for aggravated robbery, burglary, theft, and forgery, the jury deliberated and returned a verdict on March 23, 2012, assessing Bailey’s punishment at 45  years in prison.  Judge Bob Carroll presided over the trial.


The jury heard from the victim of the offense that she was accosted at work around 4:45 am on January 7, 2011, by a masked gunman who forced her into the store and held her captive at gunpoint for 15 to 20 minutes waiting for the timer on the safe to open.  She testified that she thought she was going to die and was terrified.  Other evidence showed that her boyfriend at the time, Drakas Lamont Bailey, had planned the robbery and was outside watching for police and assisting commission of the offense.  When the victim learned that her boyfriend was involved in her aggravated robbery, she was shocked and felt betrayed.  Bailey told the jury he had made a mistake and begged for mercy.

 Chief Felony Prosecutor Don Maxfield and Prosecutor Amy Nguyen want to thank the jury for their hard work and deliberations in rendering verdicts that hopefully will keep the victim from ever having to be confronted by Bailey again.   


Diana Buckley
Ellis County Human Services

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