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Position:  Advertising Sales/Reporter

We are looking for one or more persons capable of building relationships with potential customers in Ellis and surrounding counties.  They would work on a commission basis selling ads to be  placed on the twelve web sites  that make up the Waxahachie Journal Web Group.  Previous sales experience preferred, but not required as training would be offered.  If you have ever wanted to write, this would be a great opportunity. These persons, would also be encouraged to submit newsworthy articles of human interest, including topical articles, restaurant reviews, personal stories, or short fiction.  Being able to investigate and report on news  events and non-profit organizational events is a plus.  Your articles would be submitted via email to be edited and published on our online eMagazine publications. Being a skilled writer is not mandatory for this position.

The Waxahachie Journal Web Group offers great advertising exposure for local businesses and organizations, with a reach of over 180,000+ visitors each month on our network of Twelve Regional and local web sites.  Any ads sold would also be published to the Waxahachie Journal Web Group Social Media Networks (FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest and others).

The Waxahachie Journal Web Group

  1. www.waxahachiejournal.com
  2. www.waxahachiedowntown.com
  3. www.midlothianjournal.com
  4. www.ennisstxjournal.com
  5. www.redoakovillajournal.com
  6. www.cyberrestaurants.com
  7. www.Texasfirsthand.com
  8. www.CyberBookstore.US
  9. www.TexasDickering.com
  10. www.FoodandWinePairing.us
  11. www.IrisFantasy.com
  12. www.DallasFortworthAutos.com


  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • Outgoing and Pleasant Personality
  • Familiar with Computers
  • Able to use Microsoft Word or other Word Processing Software
  • Familiar with the Internet and Social Media
  • Good Writing Skills
  • Basic Photography Skills
  • Detail-Oriented
  • Self-supervising and Responsible
  • Possess a “get-it-done”Attitude
  • Able to set and complete goals

We have the product! Now we need someone to help us sell it! We offer good commissions on our advertising products. For more information about this position or questions regarding commission structure, contact Charles Flowers via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it... You also may submit a resume, if you wish,  in either note pad, Word Pad, Word, Word Perfect, OpenOffice Writer or any word processing format via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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