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The City of Waxahachie Cemetery dates back to the mid 1800s and is one of the City’s most historic sites. The City Cemetery is the resting place for many of Waxahachie’s pioneer citizens, and land and cotton barons of years ago. The location of the Cemetery is 300 South Hawkins Street.



Silas Killough was the first Waxahachie settler to be buried in the cemetery after dying of pneumonia in 1852. Emory Rogers, the founder of Waxahachie, William Hancock, a high profile lawyer in the early 1900s Mabel Grizzard, a woman dedicated to education through her career as a teacher, principal, and education policy-maker for the state of Texas during the early 1900s. And William Getzendaner, Waxahachie's first banker, the land-donor for the Waxahachie public library, and the namesake of Getzendaner Park.

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