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At one time, Waxahachie was home to four nice Bed and Breakfast Inns. At some point, a city ordinance was passed which seemed to favor one B&B over all the the others.

The ordinance placed such severe restrictions on the type of events, the number of people and even the number of cars allowed to park at the B&B it was actually forcing other B&Bs out of business. These restrictions  were so limiting two of the four  B&B's went out of business. The most famous of these was the Rosemary Mansion, now a private residence.  This was a beautiful and historic Bed and Breakfast and would have been a great place to have weddings, not to mention the historic tourists it would have brought to Waxahachie.

The owners of the Rosemary Mansion,at that time, had planned on holding wedding ceremonies, receptions and other small events in the big house, garden and wedding chapel.  These events were intended to be another source for income which would have helped during the slow tourist months of the year. There were plans to do a gourmet cooking class in the guest house kitchen.  The ordinance put a stop to any and all of these events, which had more than 10 people in attendance.

But there is good news!  There are several vintage historic homes in Waxahachie that are up for sale and are listed as possible Bread and Breakfast Inns!  Since they are listed on the City website, as possible B&B’s, the City may have changed the ordinance. I hope so.

Over the past six or so years I have had many people contact me, through this website, about finding a suitable property and starting a B&B. Many checked the City’s B&B ordinance in effect at that time  before proceeding and decided to start their B&B elsewhere. There were several who purchased historic residences first, then found out about the City ordinance!

We have listed these vintage historic homes for sale in an effort to encourage individual’s interested in possibly starting a Bed and Breakfast Inn in Waxahachie.  We hope to obtain a copy of the City of Waxahachie B&B ordinance and will post it on this site for those interested.


bb ordinanceHistoric Homes Currently Up Forsale as Possible Bread and Break Inns.

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