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Wines and Wine Pairing

W i n e s   a n d   W i n e   P a i r i n g 

Ste. Genevieve Winery 

 Ste. Genevieve Winery is located about 27 miles east of Fort Stockton. It is the largest winery in Texas and the 24th to 26th largest winery in the United States. Outside of CSte. Genevieve - outsidealifornia, one winery in Washington which is larger is Ste. Michelle Wine Estates who has multiple wineries in their portfolio including Columbia Crest.

 Ste. Genevieve used to offer tours at the winery but since it is isolated and largely a commercial business with no romantic feel, which a lot of people associate with a winery, tours were stopped. After that it was decided there was no need to even have a sign outside with their name. If you pass the very large three story building driving down I-10, you would think it was just another business, perhaps a plant of some kind. But behind those doors is where 600,000 cases of wine are produced a year. (website: http://www.stegenwines.com)

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November Texas Wine PairingsOctober/ November Texas Wine Pairing

The fall brings so many possibilities for Texas wine and food. Everything from Halloween candy, caramel apples and popcorn balls to Thanksgiving at Grandma's.Thanksgiving is a perfect time to explore Texas food and wine pairings. The first wines that come to mind are any number of fabulous Texas Viogniers. Becker Vineyards Viognier, with hints of oak would be a natural choice for smoked turkey.

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December/ January Texas Wine Pairing

Ah, holiday dinners... what is your tradition? Ham, turkey, prime rib, or maybe goose? And what about all those delicious goodies to nibble throughout the season? What are the perfect Texas wine pairings?

Throughout Texas wine country, there are special wines sold only during the holidays, best enjoyed on a chilly evening by a warm fire. Sunset Winery in Burleson has a sweet red Texas wine available only through the winery. Five dollars of every purchase of Sunset's Santa Wine goes to Harvest House, a local charity providing food, clothing, financial assistance and other services to people in need. The wine is great when served warm with spices as a mulled wine. Another treat only available during the Holiday season is Tehuacana Creek Vineyards' Glögg. It's a sweet red Texas wine with cinnamon, ginger, raisins a touch of brandy, best drunk warm in a mug and perfect with Inga's gingerbread cookies.

For the perfect Holiday dinner, start with Zin Valle's Sparkling Brut as an aperitif. No matter what the dish, Texas white wine lovers will enjoy any one of Texas' great Viogniers - Brennan, Red Caboose, McPherson Cellars and others, while Texas red wine fans might want to treat themselves to a special Texas Tempranillo such as Inwood Estates' Cornelious.  


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