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"As a wine maker, you have to represent the fruit." - Shawn  Bruno

Tucked away in the historic oil town of Sour Lake, Texas, North of Beaumont on Hwy. 105, is Bruno & George Wines, in business here for more than 12 years. Its owner, Shawn Bruno, a multi- generational Italian,

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Sugar Ridge Winery is located in beautiful Bristol, Texas. Sugar Ridge Winery offers our great tasting wines in a beautiful setting. We have many different types of wines to choose from. We have a wide assortment of red and white wines or try some of our specialty wines like our Sangria, Party Pear or our Little Green Apple wine.We have a private tasting room available for parties, receptions and special events. Call 972-666-2888 for more information on our winery.

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Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fryer Kit - Kits usually will have everything needed to get started. Kit may include pot, injector, stand, strainer, lifter insert, thermometer, and maybe even the butane tank. The deep fryer pot must be large enough to hold oil and turkey with enough room at the top of the pot so the oil does not spill over when the turkey is placed into the hot oil. Needless to say, this whole deep frying process must be done outdoors.

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collard greensKALE AND COLLARDS

These beneficial greens are at their peak right now. In times past, greens were thought of as more of a tonic; and with good reason. Our ancestors may have lacked the science, but through observation they knew these greens contained something to back up their belief in the power of the greens. The greens brought renewed vigor to those who had been sick during the winter. Nowadays, with scientific data, we know just how right they were. Releasing their goodness when cooked, greens are rich in iron, protein and many of the essential vitamins and nutrients our bodies need.

Kale and collard greens can usually be found year-round in local grocery stores, but during winter these nutrient-rich members of the cabbage family are at their best, are more abundant, and the price is usually at its lowest too. It may seem daunting to prepare a huge bunch of greens; however, new ways of cooking greens couldn't be easier.

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