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Midlothian Farmers Market

A Pleasant Surprise!

This past Saturday, the 12th, my morning excursion was to visit the Midlothian Farmers Market located in the Log Cabin Park in the center of downtown Midlothian. The Farmers Market has been operating for several years, and while not one of the largest in our area, it is certainly one of the most pleasant to visit.

The market opens a 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM every Saturday. In the early morning it is normally nice as the heat of the day has not arrived. But as a Texan, the first think I look for anytime during the day is shade! And there is plenty of that at this formers market. The market is situate in the middle of the Log Cabin l park and is surrounded by trees with lots of shade and normally a soft breeze. There is a nice side walk which connects all the booths and makes for easy strolling. And there is plenty of close up parking! Normally, you can find ten or more vendors set up selling a variety of items from honey, jewelry to vegetables and foods.

Noah;s custom smoked meat Midlothian farmers marketThe first thing I noticed when I arrived, was the wonderful aroma of BBQ. Noah's Custom Smoked Meats was set up and had his smoker going full blast. There is noting better than fresh BBQ brisket, ribs, sausage or chicken fresh off the grill! Ron Torr, who owns and operates Noah's Custom Smoked Meats, is setup at the Midlothian Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Sandwiches are available as well BBQ meat by the pound, beef, chicken and a wonderful sausage from 8 AM to !PM!

There is nothing better, to a Texan, than to have access to great BBQ, and up until I discovered Ron Torr, I had to travel all the way to either Waxahachie or Reagor Springs! The one BBQ restaurant we have here, in my opinion, should be arrested for even putting the letters BBQ on their sign!  Isn't there a Texas BBQ Police force? If not there should be!

Ranch Poco Loco Long Horn BeefOne of the venders which caught my attention was, Rancho Poco Loco. This is local ranch located on FM 1387 run by Sue and Phil Weaver. They offer range fed Long Horn beef which they  and process here in Midlothian. Long Horn beef is known for being very lean and healthy! Phil and Sue are at the Farmers Market here every Saturday and have a supply of fresh ground beef and steaks and other items available.

Another vendor I was drawn to was Lee Smith's Cottage Bakery. These are wonderful home cooked creations, cakes, specialty cakes and muffins of all types. And they are all FRESH. Mrs. Smith is custom baker, all you need to do it tell her what and when you need it and she will have it done fresh. Nothing is ever made until you order it so you can be assured that it will always be fresh!

Flowers by Roberta also has a booth set up and had some wonderful items along with some great looking vegetables. Flowers by Roberta is located just around the corner from the Farmers Maket and is at the market every Saturday.

Sabrina McDonald of “String Me Along” had a booth here and had a very nice selection of hand made jewelry and other items for sale. The prices look good also. Sabrina started out making jewelry as a hobby and made so many nice pieces, she was encouraged to start selling her creations. She makes all the Jewelry herself.

Vivienn Kamp, who is a certified health coach, had a booth and was offering some very nice looking nutritional foods and other items. You can find her at the market every Saturday.

Granny's Craft House was also there this Saturday and normally has her booth there every Saturday. It was a really nice display of quality gifts and craft items.

I spent about an hour and a half strolling and relaxing under the shade dining on the best BBQ I have had in a long time right here in Midlothain! If your looking for a nice Saturday morning excursion, I can recommend the Midlothian Farmers Market. While not the largest, it is certainly one of the most pleasant to visit!


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