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Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fryer Kit - Kits usually will have everything needed to get started. Kit may include pot, injector, stand, strainer, lifter insert, thermometer, and maybe even the butane tank. The deep fryer pot must be large enough to hold oil and turkey with enough room at the top of the pot so the oil does not spill over when the turkey is placed into the hot oil. Needless to say, this whole deep frying process must be done outdoors.


Thermometer to monitor the temperature  of the oil

2 large, long-handled forks

A lifter insert and hook or strainer may come with the pot. The forks or these items will be used for lowering turkey into and removing turkey from the hot oil.

Plastic wrap
Aluminum foil
Paper towels
Large disposable aluminum trays or large flat pans

10-12 pound turkey (thawed)

Do not cut loops/ties around turkey legs. Refer to bag that turkey is packaged in for thawing instructions. Be sure to remove giblet bag from inside turkey.

1 Bottle Injectable Marinade. (Can be found at most grocery stores).

5 Gallons Peanut Oil

Deep Fried Turkey by Rebecca Dees

Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning

You may prefer to make your own marinade. Keep in mind that marinade will be injected into turkey so marinade will need to be liquid. Italian dressing (strained) is good. To flavor to your own taste, seasonings such as Tabasco Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, or soy sauce may be added to the dressing. The taste of the marinade is very subjective. Taste it. If it tastes good to you, it will taste good in the turkey. If you do not like much spice, go easy on the hot sauce. If you like your turkey hot and spicy, go for the habanero sauce. Even if using the injectable marinade, you may want to jazz up the flavor.

The night before you plan to fry the turkey - Inject the turkey with seasonings all over the turkey, front and back. Liberally sprinkle Tony Chachere's Seasoning all over outside of turkey. Wrap turkey in plastic wrap and then wrap in foil. Place in a pan or tray and refrigerate overnight.

Remove turkey a few hours before frying so turkey will not be too cold. Sprinkle more Tony Chachere's Seasoning on the skin for even coverage.

Preheat oil in deep fryer to 450 degrees.

Insert the long forks through the loops around the legs, slowly and carefully lower the turkey into the oil.

As the turkey begins to fry, the oil temperature will begin to drop. Allow the temperature of the oil to drop to about 425 degrees. Maintain this temperature and fry turkey 4 minutes per pound of turkey. When turkey is almost done it will usually roll over breast side up. Turkey may be cooked longer if a darker and more crisp skin is desired.

After the cooking time has passed, use forks or strainer to carefully remove the turkey from the deep fryer. Place turkey in a paper towel lined pan and let drain for several minutes. Make a cut into the leg joint area of the turkey to check for doneness. If juices are clear and meat is white, not pink, the turkey is done. If not done, return turkey to the deep fryer and fry for several more minutes. Be sure to recheck the turkey for doneness as before.

Several turkeys may be fried using the same oil. If frying more than 3-5 turkeys, more oil will need to be added to the deep fryer to maintain the oil level in the deep fryer.


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