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Stacy Arnold - Classical Guitarist in Concert

Stacy Arnold classical guitaristThursday, November 12th at 7pm at the Hagee Communications Center at Southwestern Assemblies of God University. The concert is free to the public and CD's will be for sale at the concert. The concert will feature the music of Albeniz, Bach, Barrios, Lauro, Villa-Lobos, Sor, Tarrega, Milan, and Narvaez. For more information on the concert, the public can call Sherry Gage (Music Office Secretary) at 972-923-5501.

Stacy Arnold is recognized for his artistry as a concert soloist, recording artist, and educator whose concerts have been described as "a variety of guitar music, stylistically pleasing in every way" and applauded for his innate musicianship, virtuosity, and beautiful tone. The Cass County Performing Arts Council has described his concert performance as "generous and delightful". Mr. Arnold has toured throughout the United States at Universities, Colleges, Arts Organizations, and Classical Guitar Societies. Mr. Arnold's concerts are characterized by performances that represent the entire history of the guitar, presenting composers from the 16th century Renaissance to the modern day, with an emphasis on the music of Spain and Latin America.

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The Webb Gallery is located at 209-211 W. Franklin.  The gallery houses a huge collection of self-taught art, old fraternal lodge objects, and vintage-anonymous art.  Events are also hosted, including films, special exhibits, musical performances, speakers, and socials.  Open Saturday-Sunday from 1 pm - 5pm.  972-938-8085.

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Dayle Dodwell, a commercially trained artist and illustrator, has struck out on her own.  Her vibrant watercolors of butterflys, children and kites capture the eye and the imagination. Enhanced by short snippets of poetry, Dodwell’s paintings are sure to stay in your mind and heart.  Visit Dodwell’s blog at http://daylespainteddiary.blogspot.com to see more of her art and read her simple but profound poetry.

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A Sculptor's Delight - Kimbra Conger and Silver Dimples Nursery - Encouraging words and validation of one's artwork is key to an artist being excited about one's work, so says artist and sculptor, Kimbra Conger. 

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Custom Jewelry by Anana Simmons - Anana is a local Artisan and creates some very stunning pieces of jewelry out of sterling silver and semi-precious stones. Below are some of her stunning creations.  All of her pieces are one-of-a-kind!  According to Anana, she never makes another of the same piece of jewelry. She can be reached at 209-675-8725

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