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A Sculptor's Delight - Kimbra Conger and Silver Dimples Nursery - Encouraging words and validation of one's artwork is key to an artist being excited about one's work, so says artist and sculptor, Kimbra Conger. 

Ms. Conger was fortunate to have an art teacher, Mr. Kimura, encourage her to stretch her artistic wings at an early age.However, becoming a young mother pushed her in another direction.  She and her husband set out to be  the best parents they could be in raising their three children.


 For many years Kimbra has enjoyed refinishing furniture and was content with this being her artistic outlet.  It was a fortuitous turn of events that led her to her new career.  Kimbra searched the Internet looking for a doll for a newly-refurbished high chair.  She was amazed to find true-to-life baby dolls that are so precious and so lifelike that her artistic fires were lit anew.  Not knowing how to sculpt these little darlings, Kimbra set out to learn so she could do this herself.



Entering the world of OOAK (One of a Kind) sculpture, Ms. Conger's enthusiasm for this art form seemed to validate her desire to pursue her artistic talents as well as expressing her love of children. After mastering her sculptural techniques and displaying her work on the Internet, she received a complimentary and encouraging email from noted Canadian OOAK artist, Dorothy Steven.


Fueled with Steven's pat on the back, Ms. Conger has chosen to specialize on miniature OOAK babies and launched Silver Dimples Nursery, selling her OOAK creations on the Internet and on eBay. These sweet tiny babies that fit in the palm of  your hand are truly amazing in their detail and lifelike poses. One would expect them to open their eyes, smile and wiggle around a little.  You can check out Ms. Conger's creations on eBay and hopefully adopt one for yourself.


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