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Kent Brewer ArtistsKent is a native Texan from Wichita Falls, currently residing in Waxahachie. His paintings from 1987 through 2011 were mostly watercolors but beginning in the Spring of 2012 he decided to take the plunge and try his hand at oils. “I still love watercolors but oils have ignited a new fire in me and increased my motivation tenfold. Rarely am I not in the mood to paint in oils, especially en plein air.”

The title of Kent’s artist blog Intrusions of Culture came from one of his recent posts about a plein air outing adjacent to a herd of grazing cattle in a pasture. Far from any form of culture yet there he was bringing it, in a sense, to a bunch of disinterested cows. “Intrusions of culture sounded like it could be a great name for a band so I decided to use it on my blog. When you think about its association with painting on location, it fits.”

Kent’s artwork might be described as impressionistic realism, painting how light strikes the subjects before him. "I try to look for opportunities to use contrasting hues, values, edges and shapes to carve out. I strive to paint without too much detail so that the viewer's brain can fill in the rest."

red dirt tales Along with fine art, Kent is an illustrator and graphic artist/web designer with over 30-years of experience in printing and graphics-related fields. In 2012 he wrote and Illustrated his own children's book Red Dirt Tales which is a collection of four odes to subjects that may not be familiar to kids today and reflect on his childhood growing up in north Texas.


Website: kentcbrewer.com/


For more information you can go to the Waxahachiedowntown.com website



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