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UV Teeth Bleaching Not a Good idea!

Would you like a blinding smile? You may be settling for just going blind instead if you routinely whiten your teeth with UV light treatments.

The same ultraviolet light that causes sunburn and skin cancer can damage your gums, lips and eyes during a light-assisted teeth bleaching, a new study finds. The procedure can be dangerous in a dentist office or even in the practiced hands of a mall kiosk worker operating one of these radiation-yielding machines, despite her hour-plus training and her crisp, white lab coat.

Numerous studies from the past five years have questioned the practice of any form of light-activated teeth whitening, which is usually a combination of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide with lights or lasers of various wavelengths. The light is thought to act as a catalyst, quickening the breakdown of the peroxide to create free radicals and accelerating the whitening process.

Source: Live Science


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