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laptop windows 9Windows 8 - Some Like It, Most Hate It!

If you have purchased a laptop or PC, recently, you were probably told Windows 8 is your only option as for as Operating Systems selections go from the laptop manufacturers. Windows 8 was primarily designed for Smart Phones and Tablets with touch screens. It has become evident that Microsoft feels PC and laptops are a thing of the past and has pretty much deserted th PC or laptop user market.

Most of the people, I come in contact with, who purchase a Windows 8 laptop do not like it and want to replace the Windows 8 with Windows 7. It can be done, but it requires a high level of technical expertise as Microsoft is trying to prevent that from happening in order to sell their new operating system. This can be seen in that most of the drivers on a Windows 8 laptop are not compatible with the Windows 7 OS.

Then there is the new BIOS firmware UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) you have to deal with. This new BIOS firmware comes with some new laptops. To install Windows 7, the UEFI BIOS firmware has to be upgraded to version 1.40 , or higher, in order to set the first boot (CMS) to USB to even install Windows 7. Most of the techs, I have spoken to, do not like it! If you are used to working with the BIOS settings on your laptop, you will find this new BIOS firmware severely limits you on settings you can choose for your device.

Then there is the problem, once Windows 7 is installed, your laptop will probably never run properly because Windows 8 drivers do not work with windows 7. You will have to chase down all the proper drivers for the devices on your laptop, Wireless modem, DVD and others. This can be a daunting and frustrating task!

Its All About Control

I have been told, by a reliable source, Windows 8 was developed by Microsoft primarily to try and passively control the laptop, PC or other device as to what software (or Apps) the end user, you, can install on your device. It is all about control. A good example of this is the Norton Anti-Virus program. It comes bundled with all Windows based systems. Even though it is a good program, it is forced upon you the end user.

By making it difficult and even impossible, in some instances, for a device owner to choose and install software of their choice, Microsoft can now offer software manufacturers, a bundle option, of their software, that forces you, the owner of the device, to use that software without any other options, or as Microsoft puts it, their approved software!

In short, be careful purchasing new laptops or PC with Windows 8 if you are used to Windows 7 as there is a huge different. If you feel you want to change back to windows 7, some new laptop computers cannot be downgraded to Windows 7 and work properly, in particular, the Toshiba C55 models and others. Just be sure to ask about that option.

Another Operating System Option

Another good option or alternative to Windows 8, is the Linux based Operating System. There are several, Red Hat, Ubuntu just to name a a couple but there are several others available . I personally have a lot of experience with Ubuntu and I can highly recommend it. Its easy to install, has a very simple and easy user graphical interface, works on any laptop or PC, will not run a Virus or Trojan and is FREE. You can also run it side by side with windows 7 or Window 8 if you like. It also comes with a lot of software installed that you have to pay extra for in a Windows machine. It will do everything a Windows Operating system can do and in some instances more!

To learn out more about Ubuntu. You can go here for more information. www.ubuntu.com

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