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Phone Scam Alert

Perhaps you have received a call from Area Code 206, with the person on the other end of the line claiming to be with Microsoft.  They are  telling you that your computer is in danger of crashing if you do not take the steps necessary to stop it.  If you are agreeable, they will then tell you a series of steps to do on your computer.  What they are doing is enabling themselves to have access to your personal information.

THIS IS A SCAM.  Investigators have zeroed into where these calls are coming from.  They are originating from an area in Washington State. They have no connection to Microsoft.  They are criminals.

Unless you personally know someone with the area code 206, do not answer these calls.  If you do and they want you to enter anything into your computer, DO NO DO IT.  You are putting yourself and your computer at risk.  Please let your loved ones know about this so they do not become victims of this scam.

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