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Stunning Time-Lapse Video Shows Rare Views of Yosemite. Two photographers explore the park off the beaten path


Protection Against Identity Theft

Large Commercial Copy Machines Record Every Document Scanned to an Internal Hard Drive!

If you are discarding your commercial copier, Desktop, Laptop or Cell phone,  Geezer Computer Repair, Midlothian, Texas, can forensically wipe the  hard drive for these devices. This will totally destroy all data, down to the cluster level. Once a forensic wipe has been completed, all data is destroyed and the data can never be recovered! To protect yourself against identity theft! A forensic disk wipe should be done on the hard drive of any desktop, laptop, Cell Phone or IPads or tablets you plan to discard. For more information call 214-980-3630.If you have a computer or any other device that has a memory recording device (computer hard drive, Desktop, Laptop, Phone,Ipad or Tablet or memory jump drive such SD card or Micro-SD memory cards) and you would like to secure your data by having it forensically erased, download the form below. Fill it out and contact Geezer Computer Repair. We will come by and pick of the hard drive or the computer, Laptop or cell phone. If the hard drive is in a commercial copier, you will need to have your service person remove the hard drive from the copier.

Geezer Computer Repair - Hard Drive chain of Custody Form

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