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What is this? Corvetilacimpala?

This car was photographed by a friend in Beaumont Texas. Someone has really done an amazing jog on this  Rat-Mobile! The front end looks like a 57 Chevy or 59-60 Caddy. The rear end looks to be from a 59 or 60 Chevy Impala. The convertible top looks like it is off a Corvette and the windshield looks like it came from a Firebird or Camero. From its  appearance and wheel base, I would be willing to guess that is a Z28 Chassis and engine under all that metal! On second thought, that may be a vet chassis!

Beaumont Photos by Beth Segree

 Beneath it's rather strange exterior lies a stock C6 Corvette.  This unique beast is the brain child of No 2 Alike, which is a tribute to Chevy design.  If you haven't noticed already the car takes inspiration from a '57 Chevy Bel Air, '58 Chevy Impala, and the tail fins from the '59.  The body is constructed from a carbon fiber composite.

The C6 comes equipped with the 3LT package, which includes driver seat and steering wheel memory, sport seats, Bose sound system, multi-functional steering wheel, heads-up display, and side airbags.  We have no idea what something like this could be worth.  But we'll all find out soon as this ride will cross the auction blocks at Mecum's in Monterey this August.




Website: http://www.n2amotors.com/vehicles.aspx?VehicleID=2

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