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Glamour Girls was launched in 2007 in San Francisco, California by sisters Anana and Madrid Simmons.


The impetuous for Glamour Girls occurred when Madrid was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, 2007. After going through treatments and chemotherapy, Madrid did not want to lose her glamour.  She believed that no matter what is going on in our lives, we women need to maintain our beauty. 

Anana attended support groups with Madrid, where they both found the ladies in attendance to be happy, supportive, and very vocal regarding their trials and tribulations.  They were so willing and ready to share their feelings, questions and concerns. But, when they left, the sadness in their eyes was noticable, which may have indicated they needed something more outside of the support groups. It is hard to explain inner feelings when you are not sitting in a support group meeting. Anana and Madrid noticed that most of the women did not continue keeping themselves glamorous after being diagnosed and when going through treatment.  It was as if they felt they had to hide and ride the tides alone.

It is not out of your reach to look and feel glamorous.  Look in your mirror, your cosmetic drawers, your fabulous closets, and consider an outside contact to guide you in maintaining  the wonderful glory you previously had; someone assisting you with your special beauty, style, and colors.


Madrid was (and still is) a Glamour Girl, always passionate about the fit and color of her clothing which flatters her style, whether it be makeup, clothing, hair style, accessories, hats, or shoes.   She is also passionate about encouraging and motivating other women to do the same. 

Madrid has more than 20 years in Special Teams Management and Design for General Motors and Nummi Auto Design. She is the Lead Creative Design Artist for Glamour.  Her unusual talent for redesigning and sewing techniques are evident in each item she creates.

Anana, with over 20 years' experience as an Image/Wardrobe Consultant and Studio Stylist, has worked with private clients, on special events, in television, and with movie production companies.  Anana's specialty is assessing body type to help you use your wardrobe and accessories to create a more Glamorous YOU.

Glamour Girls offers enhancements to your own wardrobe, creative projects, special events, dinner parties or just putting your best foot forward out into the world - looking fabulous and confident.

Never Stop Believing ....Never Lose Hope...Never Stop Fighting...Never give up your Glamour!

Website: www.glamourgirlsforthecure.com

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