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Sometimes you never know or find out about a product or service until you actually need that item or service.  This happened to be the case recently when a friend of mine needed to have his automobile towed.  His car had broken down in Waxahachie and by the time he got to it the next day, it had been vandalized, widows broke out, hood pried open and his battery stolen.  Yep you guessed it he needed a tow!


In trying to find a towing company, he learned a great deal about towing companies in Waxahachie.  Heaven help you if your car is broke down in or around Waxahachie, Texas and in need of a towing company!

There are approximately three or four towing companies in Waxahachie proper that he called and spoke to. A couple of the towing companies phone manners were terrible! They sounded as if they could care less if they got your business or not. But again, they may have had more business than they need! When he started comparing towing prices, well they were all over the place, from a low of $45 for hook-up and $4 per mile to a high of $85 for the hook-up and $3.50 to $4 per mile.

 Basically the towing companies, and this is probably true though out the state, are taking advantage of the motoring public and the circumstances they happen to find themselves in when they broke down on the side of the road.  I am all for free enterprise, but not gouging! It appears towing companies are charging whatever they can get with the blessing of most city and State law enforcement agencies! Plus, all the towing companies, we spoke to, save but one gave us a waiting time of over 2 hours or more.

It was a very dark tunnel my friend was looing down when all of a sudden there was a light at the end and he knew there was hope after all!

A tow truck appeared!  It was RP Wrecker Service and the drivers name was Raymond.  The Police Officer who filled out the report on my friend’s car burglary gave him three or four phone numbers of local wrecker companies that offered towing services too.  RP Wrecker service was one of them, and I might add they were the most polite and arrived pretty much in the amount of time they had said which was about 20 minutes.

Since my friend’s car had been badly vandalized, they could not get the car out of park so Raymond had to drag the car out of the drive and onto his truck.  In no time at all RP Wrecker Service had my friend’s car safely at his home.

The report from the mechanic was, the car had suffered over $1000 in damage by the individuals who had broken into the car to steal a $20 battery!

Our hats are off to RP Wreck Service.  If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, broke down in Ellis County or near Waxahachie, we recommend RP Wrecker service! They are very professional and will treat you right and get you and your car safely to your destination.


R P Wrecker Service
332 Robinett Rd, Waxahachie, TX 75165  (972) 978-0615

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