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Does the Term Loan Sharks Mean Anything to You?

All you have to do is Google the Internet for Pay Day Loans or Car Title Loans to see how out-of-control and predatory these types of loan companies have become. I would like to know what happened to the state usury laws, which were in place to protect consumers. I would like to know how the credit laws were changed to favor these  predatory lending companies, who are now called short term lenders. I would like to know who the state representatives and other state officials are who sponsored the legislation that unleashed these predators onto the Texas low-income consumers!

 There are thousands of instances listed on blogs and forums which detail accounts of how these types of loans companies prey upon low-income consumers, often charging 300% or more by maliciously constructing the loans so they fall outside the state's credit law and cannot be regulated!

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What is this? Corvetilacimpala?

This car was photographed by a friend in Beaumont Texas. Someone has really done an amazing jog on this  Rat-Mobile! The front end looks like a 57 Chevy or 59-60 Caddy. The rear end looks to be from a 59 or 60 Chevy Impala. The convertible top looks like it is off a Corvette and the windshield looks like it came from a Firebird or Camero. From its  appearance and wheel base, I would be willing to guess that is a Z28 Chassis and engine under all that metal! On second thought, that may be a vet chassis!

Beaumont Photos by Beth Segree

 Beneath it's rather strange exterior lies a stock C6 Corvette.  This unique beast is the brain child of No 2 Alike, which is a tribute to Chevy design.  If you haven't noticed already the car takes inspiration from a '57 Chevy Bel Air, '58 Chevy Impala, and the tail fins from the '59.  The body is constructed from a carbon fiber composite.

The C6 comes equipped with the 3LT package, which includes driver seat and steering wheel memory, sport seats, Bose sound system, multi-functional steering wheel, heads-up display, and side airbags.  We have no idea what something like this could be worth.  But we'll all find out soon as this ride will cross the auction blocks at Mecum's in Monterey this August.




Website: http://www.n2amotors.com/vehicles.aspx?VehicleID=2

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Stop Marsha Blackburn's Anti-Net Neutrality Bill

This article was published in March 2015

This is what it looks like when members of Congress try to kill Net Neutrality.  Rep. Marsha Blackburn has already lined up 31 co-sponsors for her new bill, which would destroy Net Neutrality and undo everything the FCC has done to protect the open Internet.

It's easy to see why these particular co-sponsors signed on: They've received tons of campaign contributions from companies like Comcast and Verizon and from the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, an industry lobbying group.

Read more: Anti-Net Neutrality Bill

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The Second Cold War Has Started

This article was originally published in July of 2014!

I am fearful, that with the current attitudes of the leadership in Russia, and the events ongoing in Ukraine, and the events which have taken place over the last couple of years, a new state of political and military tension has existed between the West and Russia for several years. What really scares me, I am not sure our Government realizes it! Mys friends, the Second Cold War has started!

From information and news Items I have read, Mr. Putin mislead both Presidents Bush and Obama as to what his real agenda was. Our government may not realized this, but I can tell you I firmly believe Mr. Putin does! And I believe it is an intentional calculated direction taken by Russia to resurrect the old Soviet Union with all its infamous glory into a new Czarist Russia with Putin as Czar! And I believe that he believes that his energy trump card is going to split Europe and NATO!

My self and millions of baby-boomer grew up in the first Cold as children. Many of us did not realize the real danger that we actually lived in then! I can remember the excitement of Sputnik and the shear panic I saw in the eyes of the adults. At night my friends and I would lay on the grass in our front yards and watch the night sky as sputnik flew over. Little did we realize what this actually meant or what the serious implications were as far as nuclear ballistic missiles and bombers. It was a dam scary time all the way the to 80's, to  the Soviet Union Collapse in 89.

Read more: The 2d Cold War has Started

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T.V. Munson the “Grape Man”

The Man Who Save the French Wine Industry!

Thomas Volney Munson was born in Astoria, Illinois. Munson was an 1870 graduate of the University of Kentucky. Shortly after completing his education, he married and moved to the vicinity of Lincoln, Nebraska.

In 1873 he became interested in the improvement of the various species of grapes native to the United States and planned to do systematic work in the way of developing new varieties by cross pollination and hybridization. His experiments failed because of climatic rigors and a visitation of the Rocky Mountain locusts. Undismayed, Munson moved to Denison, Texas, in April 1876 where two of his brothers had already relocated.

Read more: T.V. Munson

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The Great Tattoo Epidemic

Tattooing has been around for centuries, used historically to mark an individual as part of a group such as a slave, soldier, or denigrated group of people such as criminals, servants, religious fanatics, and most recently, the tattooing of an identification number on the forearms of Jewish people in the concentration camps of Germany and Poland. In the Far East, tattoos indicate lineage among tribal groups as well as a visible message on girls indicating marital status and on warriors indicating the man's accomplishments. It is a myth that Captain James Cook brought the idea of tattooing back to Great Britain after his voyages to the Polynesian islands of the South Pacific. Tattooing was already popular among sailors who saw the tattoos while visiting foreign ports. Because of this, tattoos were considered a fringe activity practiced by unsavory characters.

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